Reduce your impact on the environment and plastic pollution with Lumily

Reduce your impact on the environment and plastic pollution with Lumily

Reduce your impact on the environment and plastic pollution with Lumily

In the UK, the number of wet wipes found along the coastline has increased by more than 400% over the past 10 years 



Protective personal equipment has saved thousands of people from harmful bacteria, but PPE and Single-use plastic and wipes are on the rise – and the need for clean solutions has meant this type of plastic usage has skyrocketed and continues to erode our progress toward a cleaner world.  

Disinfectant wet wipes are a convenient method of cleaning – as they are fresh for each use, but do you stop to think about what wet wipes are made of every time you reach for the packet? They are made to look natural and cotton-like in appearance, but in fact 90% of the wet wipes on the market now are made of polyester (a plastic) and cause long-term problems for marine life. The polyester fibres of wet wipes can clog up an animal’s stomach if eaten and are soft, easy to ingest and cause breathing difficulties in animals. Wet wipes can take up to 100 years to break down, and remain in seas for decades. It is feared that these plastic remnants may enter the human food chain through other animals ingesting the plastics, and contaminate our bodies too. 

Not only do they clog up the sea, but they also clog up our water systems all across the UK and beyond. They easily combine with fat and oil to produce what is known as a 'fatberg'. These fatbergs cost hundreds of millions each year to combat - and this money is added directly to your water bill. 

At Lumily we are passionate about our planet and taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our products offer the convenience of a fresh 100% clean and the peace of mind that you and your family are protected – in an eco-friendly way. 

As they [wipes] fragment, they will release microscopic fragments of plastic. These join an estimated 86 tonnes of microplastics released into the environment every year. 



Our UVC LEDs provide an environmentally friendly method of sterilizing any object, including keys, credit cards, face masks, baby bottles and dummies, and unlike chemical solutions or even water, allow you to thoroughly clean your electronics, jewellery and many other more delicate items easily and safely with the power of light – no single-use plastic, wipes or strong chemicals here!  

These small but powerful LEDs are designed to provide brilliant light output and a maximum diffusion angle for tough cleaning.   

Lumily LEDs have a lifespan of over 10,000 hours, that’s 330,000 3-minute sterilisation cycles! This is the equivalent of spending a whopping £9,000 on ocean-polluting single-use wipes.

Our mighty LEDs don’t just destroy bacteria, they also eliminate the bad odours which bacteria create. We all want to keep our house clean and fresh, but many household air fresheners contain carcinogenic properties, which over time can cause invisible harm to our respiratory system, and have more severe effects on pets, who have smaller airways. 

It’s time to forget man-made plastic wet wipes and harmful chemicals and harness the power of science to clean your every day, with Lumily.

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