Using UV light to sterilise your mobile phone

Using UV light to sterilise your mobile phone

The grimiest items can actually be the ones you spend the most time touching. Mobile phones and keys are not only difficult to rid of germs, they are also prone to the fast-breeding of bacteria when kept in small, warm places like pockets and handbags.  

More than ever our attention is turning to cleanliness, especially when we don’t fully understand the true implications of the pandemic that we’re facing. Stop the virus in its tracks with our easy-to-use UVC LED sanitising devices – Lumily disinfection devices use the same technology that has been effectively used by hospitals to sterilise medical tools for decades and effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, cold and COVID-19. Shop the range now.

The Lumily range of products are an easy and effective eco-friendly method of cleaning without the use of household sponges, cloths, or nasty chemicals. They also feature more, small but mighty, LEDs than other UVC LED products on the market, from 3 to 12 LEDs per product, giving you maximum cleaning power! 

Lumily keeps staying safe simple. Simply plug in, place your mobile phone in one of our handy devices and switch on. Reliable and fast to sanitise, our devices use LED light to, thoroughly and safely, clean your items, including phones and electronics, without damaging them in any way. All our products feature in-built safety features too, to ensure maximum efficiency and safety for busy families. 

Anything that can be swept by the Lumily santising wand or can fit inside a Lumily device can be sanitised. This includes mobile devices, keys, jewellery, sunglasses, TV remotes, headphones and earbuds and more! Some of our containers include trays and platforms – these should be used in accordance with the instructions to ensure a thorough 100% clean. 

At Lumily, we make it simple to stay safe. We engineer all our products with safety and reliability in mind. Our devices are fast, spacious, and modern – to fit around your everyday life. Sanitising doesn’t need to be agonising. 

Shop the Lumily range of LED devices and make staying safe simple.

Lumily UVC Sanitiser Black



5x maximum dispersion UVC LEDs 

260-280nm frequency 

3 minutes to a 100% clean 


CE / FCC / EPA Approved 

BS IEC IEC 62471-6 / UKCA Tested 


Bright LED indicator lights 

QI+ wireless charging built in 

Stylish design 


209mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 56mm(H) 

Fits all phone sizes incl. iPhone 12 Max 


Type C USB port and cable: 1m

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