UVC Sanitisation: The story behind Lumily

UVC Sanitisation: The story behind Lumily

UVC Sanitisation: The story behind Lumily

It’s widely accepted that places such as hospitals, schools, gyms and even beauty salons are deemed as spaces that should be clean and sterile, but what about our homes? The place we spend by far the most time in and do everything in from, eating, sleeping, washing and even sometimes exercising.

Entrepreneur and mum of three, Helena Linsky, felt frustrated that there was nothing available to make her feel confident that she had cleaned her home effectively, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses, for the safety of her family. The only products available to do this involved harsh chemical disinfectants which were both time-consuming and bad for the environment.


"I wanted something that I could completely trust was actually working, safe to have around my young family, saved me time and was re-usable to be eco-friendly” said Helena. “I’d seen lots of these types of devices coming in from China, but none had been tested by UK safety standards and a lot of them didn’t look particularly attactive to have sitting out in the hallway or kitchen.

“I think as you can’t see germs or bacteria, there is always an element of the ‘unknown’ which is what made me feel uncomfortable, even more so in the current pandemic climate. No matter how thoroughly you think you’ve wiped something down, there’s always room for human error and I wanted something that would give me complete peace of mind.”

And so Lumily, a stylish collection of UVC sterilisation devices, were born. Designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and harmful germs in minutes and tested to UK safety standards with built in features to keep families safe while in use.

Dr Fariz Khellaf, a chartered engineer with a doctorate in power electronics and electrical engineering, said: “Using UVC rays to penetrate and destroy cells of bacteria and viruses prevents their abaility to spread disease. This technology has been effectively used for decades in hospitals. The wavelength of UVC is effective between 260-280nm and deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

“The Lumily range of UVC products are perfect for sterilising everyday belongings in the home and while traveling and having been tested for their safety in the UK, are perfectly safe to use.”

Helena added: “I’m extremely proud of the collection we have developed. I am now in a routine of using them in my own home and wouldn’t be without them.

“I have always been environmentally consious and passioante about promoting positive well-being. I hope that by making these products widely available, they will encourage a healthy body, healthy mind mentality. Lumily can give people peace of mind they are doing all they can to keep their families as safe as possible against harmful germs that cannot be seen as well as doing their bit for the planet.”

2 years ago
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