How do Lumily UVC products work?

Our revolutionary UVC products kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses using powerful UVC LED light, the same technology that has been used by hospitals to sterilise medical tools for decades. Bring Lumily technology into your own home.  These LEDs emit..

How do I know that my UVC product is working?

The UVC LEDs built into our products have been clinically proven to de-activate and destroy bacteria, viruses and mould. All Lumily products are approved and independently tested to UK safety standards; BS EN 62471:2008 - SAFETY GRADE Our products have..

Is my Lumily device safe?

Lumily products are designed with safety in mind and are suitable both for use around the home and on the go. Always follow the instructions on the product packaging/insert. Do not expose the LEDs to eyes or skin, our items are not suitable for organisms – including food, drink and plants.

Can I sanitise food with my Lumily device?

Due to the bacteria-fighting properties of the UVC LEDs, you are unable to use the device to sanitise food.

Can I sanitise my phone with my Lumily device?

Lumily products use LED light only to thoroughly and safely clean your items, including phones and electronics, and do not damage these items in any way..

What phones are compatible with my Lumily UV Sanitiser Phone QI+ device?

Our UV Sanitiser Phone QI+ with in-built wireless charger can be used with Qi-activated smartphones. Supports up to 10W. The charger can be used with iPhone 12/ 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone Mini,11 Pro Max/ 11 Pro/ 11/ XR/ Xs Max/ Xs/ X/ SE (2020)/ 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung S8/ S8 +/ S9/ S9 +/ S10 /S10+ /S10E/ S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra , Huawei P30 Pro and other devices that support Qi-charging.

Why can I only see two purple lights visible on the Wand?

The wand includes 2 purple guidelights for visibility only as UVC light is inherently hard to see with the human eye

Are all Lumily products Mercury-Free?

Yes, all Lumily products use LED UVC bulbs - not mercury bulbs like cheaper alternatives. Our products are completely mercury-free, chemical-free and ozone-free.

Do Lumily devices emit or create Ozone?

All Lumily devices are completely ozone-free

Can I run multiple consecutive sanitising cycles on my phone?

Yes you can. The initial cycle will sanitise your phone and any other items placed inside by penetrating the bacteria and virus..

How many times can I use the product when using the power pack?

Our products have different maximum cycles with the powerpack depending on the number of LEDs in the unit, and then depends on the length of cycle..

How do I care for my device?

Make sure to disconnect from the power source when cleaning. Wipe with a soft dry cloth..

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